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The First Leg is Close at Hand!

Hark! The first competition is less than a week away! Some reminders before the competition:

  • A prompt confirmation from entering teams/schools is requested.
  • A blueprint of the machine must have already been submitted via email or fax.
  • A P500 joining fee is required per team.
  • The goal of the machine is to raise a flag.
  • The machine must accomplish the said task with a minimum of 15 steps and maximum of 30 steps.
  • The machine should work for at least 25 seconds.
  • The machine should be able to run fully at least two times.
  • Maximum dimension for the machine will be 4ft x 6ft x 3ft (L x W x H respectively).
  • The maximum size for pre-assembled parts is 3in x 3in x 3in! Teams violating this will be disqualified!
  • Teams will be given three hours to assemble their machine. 30 minutes will be given after for testing and finalization.
Good luck!

Download the complete list of requirments!