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For more than a decade, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers has continuously proven itself worthy of praise. Since its birth during the mid 80's until the present, the society has developed into a very recognized member of the Council of Student Organizations engaging itself in numerous in-campus and off-campus activities.

The birth of the society is very much linked with the beginning of the Manufacturing Engineering and Management course in De La Salle University during S.Y. 1986-1987. De La Salle University is the first Southeast Asia to offer such a mulitdisciplinary course in engineering. The course was then called Production Engineering and Management with its freshmen class of 45 students, Mr. Danilo A. Ignacio was its first department chair and Oscar Unas was the founding chairperson. It was also during this time that the Production Engineering and Management Society was born.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers based in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A., was founded in 1932, it is an international professional society dedicated to serving its members and the manufacturing community through the advancement of professionalism, knowledge, and learning. SME has over 60,000 members in 70 countries with 295 chapters, districts and regions as well as 275 student chapters worldwide.

The society caters not only to MEM students but to non-MEM students as well. With its activities that shape and mold its members, it is indeed an organization worth spending your time with. Tutorials, Career Talk, Symposiums, Parties, Movie Premier, Medical Mission, Sports Tournament and Plant Visits are only some of the many activities that our members can be truly proud of. Its participation in campus activities, issues, and even contests are not really a big surprise. It was also able to ace their way into.

SME Mission

Mission#1 Professional Development
To provide a measns for the technical and professional development of members by organizing seminars and plant visits.

Mission#2 Academic Excellence
To motivate students in achieving academic excellence through tutirials and by participating in curriculum development.

Mission#3 Image Enhancement
To provide a meansto increase the prestige as well as the public awareness of the field of manufacturing by organizing exhibits and by habing activities with other organizations as well as academic and industrial institutions.

Mission#4 Special Activites Development
To provide a means for the pursuit of special areas of interest such as sports, recreation, socio-civic and religious activities.

SME Vision

SME is a world-class student organization united in helping mold, dynamic and well-rounded La Sallian engineers who are the forerunners in the advancement and development of the Philippine Manufacturing Industry as well as catalysts in the upliftment of the Filipino's standard of living.