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Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines


The Society maintains strong linkages among industry, academe and government sectors to ensure concerted efforts towards the advancement of Mechatronics and Robotics (MR) in the Philippines. It invites experts and practitioners, from both foreign and local institutions,  to pursue innovations and studies on new technologies with MR industrial applications. Research papers and results of studies are made available to members.


Education and Training

The Society shall continuously provide members with updated knowledge and skills through conduct of seminars, conferences and workshops to be conducted by experts from industry associations here and abroad.  A systematic step by step training program pertaining to MRs is put in place for the benefit of new members and beginners. To ensure integration of all efforts, training programs are implemented in coordination with concerned parties including DOST, DTI, CHED, TESDA, DepEd and in partnership with other relevant groups and institutions.


In coordination with TESDA, the Society conducts assessments and endorses standards for national certifications along Mechatronics and Robotics technology. The Society establishes accredited testing venues all over the country, thus ensuring the smooth flow of certified workers in the country. Enterprise members of the Society accommodate trained and certified members for employment. The trained and certified members are given priority training slots for possible training here or abroad.


Mechatronics and Robotics Competitions

    MRSP organizes, facilitates and coordinates the sponsorship and implementation of local, national and international competitions on MRs.

   It encourages the participation of academe, industry, youth organizations, professional associations and civic groups.

   Competitions are in various levels: elementary, secondary school, collegiate, technical-vocational institutions and industry groups to encourage a broader  participation.


   The Society continuously solicits support from suppliers and merchandisers to provide special discounts and  privileges  to all members.

   Member Experts both from industry and the academe assist students in the pursuit of their MR studies.

   The Society give referrals to  member students and graduates for industry immersion and employment. 

   It provides free training, seminars and workshops to   to members.


  The Society encourages the personal and professional development of members through the conduct of socials that instill camaraderie among members.

   It maintains strong support and cooperation among members.

Information Network

  The Society establishes a nationwide information network for the purpose of identifying, monitoring and supporting appropriate programs in the areas  of MRs.

  It publishes a newsletter and a journal that provide update on MRs to members.

  It holds exhibitions and expositions nationwide along MRs.

  A website is maintained to post updated information on MRSP and MR technology developments as  well as information on its members.



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